I have written on a number of different topics over the course of my academic career. Files available for download include, inter alia, essays on Quine, naturalized epistemology, philosophy and sociology of science, philosophy of social science, Holocaust historiography, films (Hill’s “The Warriors” and Peckinpah’s “The Wild Bunch”), psychoanalytic theory (the works of Donald Spence and Roy Schafer), and philosophy of history (with particular attention to issues concerning historical explanation). However, the notions of meaning and rationality provide a connecting theme with regard to the various topics on which I write. Visit the Publications section for PDF articles you can download.

I have taught seminars on Conceptual Schemes, Making Up People, Intuition in Philosophy, Quine, Philosophy of History, and Rule Following (Kripke on Wittgenstein). I regularly teach epistemology and the history of analytic philosophy. Graduate students under my direction have investigated topics ranging from an examination of appeals to intuition in philosophy to the factors influencing the emergence of diagnostic categories in the DSM to a systematization and defense of Ian Hacking’s typologies for “making up people.”

Jim Bohman, Alison Wylie, and I co-founded and continue to co-direct the Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable. The American Roundtable has close links to the European Network for the Philosophy of Social Science (ENPOSS). That site can be accessed here.

This provides a complete list (pending sporadic updating) of my various forays in print and in talks on the topics mentioned above (and others).